I61DS IP Camera HD 1080P Monitor PIR 3D DNR Two-way audio 2.0MP Pan/Tilt WPS & One Touch WIFI

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Amazing 1080P HD Crystal Clear Resolution

You won’t believe your eyes when you witness the amazingly clear, highly detailed 1080P resolution. Fall in love with the array of immaculate colors that this state-of-the-art camera will present to you.

Fast and Easy Installation

There could not possibly be any faster installation than this camera, simply download the free APP onto your remote device or PC, scan the QR-Code and your camera will automatically join the network.

Hi-Tech PIR Detection

PIR (passive infrared) detection will save you on false alarms, detecting heated objects you can be assured to start recording as soon as someone is close and will be detected by the PIR detection.

Impressive Pan and Tilt

Pan and tilt cameras give you a much larger field of view with just one camera, being able to see the same amount of picture as u could with two or three camera, therefore saving you money and maximizing protection.

Incredible Two-Way Audio

The camera has a built-in microphone and speaker, so you are able to hear audio from where the camera is located, also speak into the device the APP is on and hear the audio come out of the cameras speaker.

New P2P Live Stream Technology

With the outstanding P2P technology will enable you to view smooth crystal clear live footage from your camera, even if you are down the street or on at the beach you can always view and protect you home and business.

Impressive ROI (Region of Interest)

An amazing feature of this system is you can lower resolution in areas of no interest which will save you memory on your hard drive memory storage space, while maintaining absolute pristine resolution in areas of interest.

Intelligent VCA Line and Intrusion Crossing

Set up areas which are important to you and whenever these areas have had any movement detected you will be able to playback that specific footage instantly, saving you endless amounts of time going through unnecessary footage.

See in the Dark

Being able to monitor during the night is just as important as during the day, the infrared LEDs the camera has built-in will constantly provide you with astonishing night vision for up to 32ft away.

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